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The Africanunion.com Financial Solutions (AUFS) is the preeminent online portal created to help project owners or clients seeking funding to find the right Funding options for their Business needs. We help our client’s streamline their needs and allocate the best suited finance provider’s best equipped to meet them. We also save our client the time and effort of researching providers. We utilize our financial expertise and experience to source the best deal for our client from a broad range of finance providers.

Africanunon.com financial solutions portal is free and easy to use. There are no charges to apply for our services using our secure site. We will streamline your project needs, presentation and match them with a funding provider that meets your needs.

Why us

• We’re the best alternative to dealing with banks
• Banks don’t work for you, banks work for profit. In doing so, banks will pair you with rates that benefit them, not rates that benefit you
• We work to find the best financial product to meet your needs
• We have a pool of financial providers to choose from
• We customize your project proposals to meet qualified funding providers criteria
• We are fast efficient in making decision 24 hours
• No up front fees for our services
• It's easy to apply and our service is completely free to project owners
• We offer complete privacy and guarantee not to disclose client information through privacy agreement



Are you looking for a rewarding and perfect opportunity to project your income to new heights .You can achieve this by working with AUFS as one of our distinguished Marketing Representatives on the African continent helping clients and project owners obtain financing?

Are you a broker and have clients in need of project financing you can introduce your project to us but you need to complete our web Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure Agreement


Financial Partners

Are you a financial provider interested in providing financial commitments, Guarantees and Loans to qualified clients? AUFS is the preeminent financial facilitator that pre-screens and profiles investment grade clients ready and capable of fulfilling the investor/financial provider obligations and requirements. We work with only serious investors and financial providers. Our experience on the African continent is extensive and well cultivated. We look forward to working with you.



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